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Cameron Blain, CPS (Chief Problem Solver)

  • Board room ready - A polished presenter ready to assist senior management
  • Field deployable - A deep portfolio of video and photography
  • Diverse - Retail, non-profit, manufacturing, automotive, and fire & emergency backgrounds

Spokesperson Video Sample

A pitch for Safe Fleet (parent company) and the Seon inView 360 (child product).   

  • Product spokesperson
  • Script writer
  • 1st camera

Product Video Sample

On location, the business requirements changed from a photoshoot to a video shoot - yikes!  Fortunately, I came prepared and used four different cameras to obtain a result the customer really enjoyed.  A month after this video went live, the client had two major accounts request on site demonstrations.  Great video generates leads and sells products!   

  • Photographer
  • 1st camera

In Car Interview Sample

One week before filming, I supplied the interview questions to the driver in this video.  He was super nervous.  Once in the car, I could tell my approach wasn't going to work.  I stopped the interview and just focused on getting to know him.  Ultimately, we found common ground (both foodies).  Once we got comfortable with our food and drink, I adapted my approach to be more conversational and the rest is history.   

  • Script writer
  • Interviewer
  • 2nd camera & Grip

Technical Video Sample

This is the first of three technical videos explaining how one scene light can produce more than another.  

  • Script writer 
  • 2nd camera & Grip