Jeff Hupke, former CEO of B12 Transportation Group

Jeff Hupke

“Cameron was hard-working, reliable and very detailed. He uses technology to his advantage and is creative in his problem solving. Cameron embraced a heavy workload, but was careful to plan his attack and not over promise.”  

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Mike Bernert, Director of Livengrin Foundation

Mike Bernert

"The results obtained from our phone research helped us reduce our print ad expenditure and reallocate those dollars to improve our print collateral.  The survey Cameron conducted allowed us to make this decision based on hard data, not guesswork."  

Lindsey Elliott, Public Relations Specialist at Olathe Health

Lindsey Elliott

"Cameron helped me produce 11 bio videos with a short deadline and did a wonderful job. His organization helped keep the project moving so we would meet our deadline. He was flexible with our schedules and our technological capabilities, and created a high-quality product. Will definitely use him again in the future!"

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Tom Seifert, Manager Inside Sales, Prime Design

Tom Seifert

"Cameron was responsible for leading the creation of our value proposition. Under his guidance, Cameron's team created a more professional looking brand and introduced us to the power of video e-mail marketing. His portfolio of work remains the foundation on which we continue to build on. If you're searching for a project manager that can manage multiple projects from a remote location, think no further than Cameron Blain."

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Robert Ford, Owner of Leader Pest Control

Robert Ford

"Cam made it easy as pie to get my new website, logo, and business card completed on time and within budget."

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Dane Jennison, President of Brown Industries, LLC

Dane Jennison

"The Marketing Department has been a valuable resource for Brown Industries in creating videos, marketing materials, and trade show displays.  Their work is soup to nuts and includes photography, writing, editing, artwork, printing, and website updates.  All of their work has been absolutely first rate and has presented our company in a more professional manner at a fraction of the cost of handling these tasks in house."

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