Marketing research

Relying on gut instinct without validating customer needs is a recipe for disaster.  As your marketing consultant, we help businesses of all types navigate around this self-imposed hazard.

Branding, positioning, & packaging

While the brand lies in the mind of the customer, much of what the customer perceives about the brand can be directly influenced by how the brand positions itself. Learn how a branding and positioning audit can benefit your efforts to succeed.   

Web, 3D, & design

As a full service marketing agency, ask us how we can leverage our skills in website design, collateral, and interactive trade show displays.   

About Us

Video & photography

Remember “Show and Tell” in school? Is your brand visually “showing” how it addresses a real problem, or is it simply “telling” about the features and benefits? Which approach was most effective in school?  Have things changed today? Let us help you navigate the complex process of acquiring relevant visual imagery. 

Public & media relations

Public & media relations is more than writing a press release.  How do you plan to become a partner, while making the other person's job easier?  Ultimately, you want to be the first person they call when an appropriate editorial opportunity pops up.  We can make this happen for your business.  Learn how.    

Product representation

For many clients, the greatest assistance comes from rolling up our sleeves and supporting the product in the field.  Ask us how we can represent your product(s).