Why Us

Our Value Proposition



Executive-level marketing direction without the full-time overhead cost. How? 

By combining the responsibilities of the most popular marketing positions, The Marketing Department provides the following benefits:

Top 3 Benefits

Reduced Operating Costs


How much would it cost to hire the above positions as full-time employees?  Let's use a round number of $200K.  Don't forget to add health insurance (30% of salary) + life insurance + vacation time + additional perks (gym/daycare/other) = $260K (minimum total cost).  Yet, no work has been delivered.    

We deliver work immediately and you keep the $260K in your pocket (less our hourly rate).  For clients seeking a longer-term relationship, make sure to inquire about our attractive discount program.  Interested in learning more?  

Let's start the conversation.  913-747-5535.

Improved Marketing Efficiency


Complete projects with greater efficiency using The Marketing Department.  How?  We aren’t subject to inter-office interruptions and distractions like politics, water cooler chat, and all those unnecessary meetings!


We complete projects on time, on budget, and with minimal direction.  


If working efficiently is important to your organization, choose the executive-level team at The Marketing Department.  

Superior Service


Your business is our priority.  Learn what others say about the projects TMD has managed.  Visit the "Kudos" page to learn more.


Cameron Blain

Cameron Blain (Chief Problem Solver)

  • Why us - We are adapt at creating marketing strategies that increase sales and brand image.
  • Who we are - Seasoned communication professionals from the work truck, fire & emergency, and bus industries.
  • What we do well - Positioning, new product launches, rebrands, photography & videography. 
  • How we deliver - Solving unmet needs and pains by listening to key audiences


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